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In-service Training of Don Bosco Makati

According to Vice President Sarah Duterte, Education Chief of Department of Education (DepEd), they are prioritizing in drafting a plan on face-to-face learning. Considering this is the blended learning modalities for basic education in the Philippines. Blended learning is a kind of learning delivery allowing the flexibility of both online and face-to-face class to improve the students learning capability.

Since the DepEd is planning this kind of delivery of education to the students, the King of Premier Tech School in Makati, Don Bosco Technical Institute of Makati, was doing a plan to implement this and enhance the quality of education for the Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High school department and students for coming to School Year 2022-2023. Elementary department will have a 1-week in-service training (INSET) while the Junior High School Department will have a 2 days INSET. And lastly, The Senior High School Department will have a 3 -week long in-service training (INSET) for its faculty and staff. This training teaching program will enhance the teaching planning for the Face-to-Face and online classes so the diversity of learning output will be at a top tier. This year’s theme for Elementary Department INSET is “Reflective Learning: Unpacking of Standards Towards Transfer of Learning and Through Authentic Tasks”. At the same time, the JHS Department INSET is “Presence Salesian Assistance in the New Normal”. Lastly, the SHS Department INSET theme is “Responsive Innovative Salesian Educators for the Next Normal”.




One of the best planning of Don Bosco Technical Institute of Makati for this School Year is handling students with mental health issues, you can see it in the SHS Department INSET week 2 program sheet. According to the National Library of Medicine, Mental health problems affect 10% to 15% of Filipino children between the ages of 5 and 15. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 16.8 percent of Filipino students aged 13 to 17 attempted suicide at least once in the year preceding the 2015 Global School-based Student Health survey. Kudos for this kind of implementation in the education system of Don Bosco Makati.

Another eye catchy for this program is from the Elementary department. We all know that this era, the technology era, is becoming more important in our country. Also, the innovations for our current technology are more likely needed right now. That is why the new generations are needed to learn more about programming and robotics to help the future innovations in our country. This is why the Elementary Department of Don Bosco Makati is introduced in their planning of the Apple Learning Series wherein they are planning to implement the Apple teacher integration, introduction to coding, and swift programming.

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